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Wood pallets, custom skids & crates and shipping boxes.
We build every product right here in Colorado using only top-quality wood.
Do you need something unique? Custom orders are no problem.

BDR Pallets
Softwood Pallets

We produce wood pallets in a variety of shapes and sizes, all 100% ISPM certifed.

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BDR Custom Wood Skids
Custom Skids

Need custom wood skids for shipping? Give us a call and we can deliver based on your specifications.

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BDR Custom Crates
Boxes and Crates

Get customized, sturdy wooden shipping boxes for domestic and international destinations.

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BDR Pallets Shipping Crate
ISPM Certified Pallets

ISPM-15 Certified Wood Products

What does ISPM-15 certified mean?

It means we do things the right way. To combat the transport of destructive insects internationally, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has developed the international regulation – ISPM No. 15 – Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Materials in International Trade. This regulation requires treatments of all solid wood packaging materials for sterilization. Wood packaging materials include pallets, skids, crates, wood boxes, spools and dunnage.

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